Sunday, August 14, 2011

A well needed trip out of London brought us to Pilgrimage in Haifa Israel

A recollection shared......

From the very first day- in hindsight I was still hung up on my feelings prior to leaving for Haifa. I was struggling with my emotions- digging hard to find that place of detachment of self from much of the misery I claim London had inflicted on me. I really wanted to be at one with the purpose behind Pilgrimage.
  Once again I found myself amongst a group of people that said "Hello" and greeted you -with an air of delight and sincerity that makes you begin to think "what kind of happy pills are they on?"- the same way, I had been greeted when I first visited the Bahá'í centre in Kingston. This time Allá'uábha was the point of interaction, God is Most Glorious.
  We were directed to "go and get registered, someone will come and get you!" We were taken to registration with "Aunty" Ann Melville. Then... I thought to myself -"life will never be the same again".  

   Visits to the Shrine of the Bab, Abdul Bahá, the Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh in Bhaji, the Prison in Akko, the gardens, the buildings on the Arc especially the Archives building, the constant visits to the Shrines, the constant air and breath of reverence that was inhaled daily, the aroma of praise, of growth and knowledge of the Cause of God, the constant and daily reminder to serve and to affirm our position as believers.... The indulgence of the places where mankind's history was changed and would never compare to any other happenings; proclamations writings, tablets revealed, letters written, battles won, places where last earthly breaths taken, imprisonment, prayers mentioned....    All this encompassed with the love emanating from the mouths of all the believers present was oh so satisfying. Time spent with family and new friends, in a city where religion matters not, and everyone functioned and got on with daily living as one unit. I had a chance to sing my songs in the Holy Land and I never shied away from breathing in the breath of joy, peace and love, through this I felt in the presence. 

How could one ask for anything more, than to be at the "Home of the Bahá'í faith" as often and for as long as possible? I wanted to remain there, I wanted to submit my name for immediate service. I wanted to do something.... how we are charged to raising the call of "Yá Bahá'u'l-Abha" in cities, villages, mountains, deserts and oceans, to promote the divine teachings! 

........this emotion didn't find its way out until we came back to London.
  I enjoyed the ambiance of pilgrimage immensely. Now I'm reading God Passes By, and Ann has given me some more books to improve my future conversations and testimonies about this Great Cause.
  I had a great time and I had to recreate that space in our home so that I will never forget or dare loose my fervor and yearning. We are making extra effort to be amongst other Bahá'ís here in London. hosting Bahá'í feasts, firesides and BBQs at our place. Everyday I am happy to be a Bahá'í !

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