Friday, April 13, 2012

"...she wrote this letter to a friend" World Roots Reggae Singer - Brina

Dear Miranda,         

Apperil twelveteen 2012

   I hope this gets to you in time as your last message was several months ago and I was slow in responding. I apologize for the late response. How are you doing these days? I am writing to tell you that the world roots reggae music I have been writing, recording and performing since 2007 that you have fallen in love with, has been finally made available to the world!

We decided many months ago to call My first Album "Under One Sun" so that it would reflect the unity amongst mankind even though there are embracing diversities. I can imagine you will be telling everyone to go out and get it now, and by all means do put in a good word for me, yes spread the word.

I know you do not have internet where you are but for the past few months we spent a lot of time advertising and informing people about it every day as much as we could, leading up to the time of the release. It is now available and people can buy it on the Internet from wherever they are in the world.  I am so excited about this but also very nervous as the uncertainty of what the future holds is an unknown. But Like you I put my trust in The Most High.

Are you happy? I hope you are taking care of yourself and that everyone there with you is doing well.  I can tell you that I am very happy and very appreciative of my simple achievements thus far.

My husband Kieran, oh yes he's doing alright, He has been wearing many hats: producing, plays the bass guitar, and managing our musical affairs. As for me I just sit and look pretty (laughing a lot here) we work together equally but I have to give him credit, as he deserves it; I owe it to him for he has worked very hard to see this through.

I have not been performing as much as I hoped but now that the Album is released I know that things are definitely going to pick up in a very positive way. Lets hope those promoters and booking agents in Europe and the United States wise up and add me as a new vibrant female reggae singer to their line up for festivals and shows, if not they will have to answer to the masses who I am very sure will be eager to see signs and experience my performances live. Yep like you say, I am speaking things into being. You are very encouraging and I appreciate even the simplest of things that you say.  Thank you so much.

I know you don’t like long letters so I will stop here for now and wait patiently to get your next letter in the post.  I hope you are truly happy and that things are much better for you now. Take care and God Bless your soul.

Your friend,

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